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Gus Smith was born in Harrison, Arkansas in 1940. He began playing guitar when he was eight years old. Gus played to audiences worldwide with the U.S. Navy's Fleet Big Band in the late fifties and early sixties. Since then he has performed small ensemble jazz with clarinetist Marvin George, bassist Charlie Hayden, organist Mel Ryhne, and guitarists Herb Ellis and Clint Strong as well as many others over the years. With a profound understanding of and ability to play jazz, Gus has taught and influenced many musicians in the Ozarks at his music store in Harrison, Arkansas Guitarsmiths. Gus keeps the traditions of Charlie Christain, Barney Kessel ,and many great jazz guitarists alive and well.                  

"Father and Son Guitar Duel in a Soothing Yet Aggressive Manor. The Quartet Groove's on Classic Jazz and Latin Standards. The Interplay is most definitely a treat to the ears."